When packing for any holiday, it’s key not to forget the essentials: passport, money, cards that give access to money, foreign currency (if you’re particularly prepared) – mostly the rest you can buy almost any place in the world if you forget any non-essentials.

Footwear on holiday has always been a huge consideration for me. I like my feet to look pretty and feel the love. Getting ready for my recent trip to Sri Lanka I learned from my previous trip, a valuable packing lesson… Don’t take TOO MANY SHOES! Quality not quantity in this department for me! 5 pairs last year was absolutely too much. This trip out I took 3. 1 pair of flip flops that could get wet for the beach, walking shoes for adventures and a pair of fancy sandals – I took a pair of Morena Morena. They tick every single box: comfort, style and compact to pack. Designer foldable sandals for travel? Yes please.

I love shopping on holiday, ideally things that also pack light too, but finding a well fitting, nice looking shoe whilst away is not only a pain and a waste of time but a big gamble if they don’t love your feet as much as you love how they look! Not only that but traditional shoes take up SO much space in your luggage!


Sri Lanka hosts a slew of elephant clad colourful designs, kaftans and hand woven sarongs from places like Barefoot! Not to mention all the gorgeous soft furnishings in silks and cottons… you could easily dedicated a while suitcase to holiday treats in this country. But buying shoes is something totally “other”.

This time out in Sri Lanka was an indulgent expedition laden with every aspect of travel and relaxation that makes a holiday magic. In total I spent 3 weeks in paradise that spanned the SW coast beach for 1 week, jungle time and being at one with nature amongst friends at an eco retreat, then touring around ruins near Kandy and back to the beach just south of Colombo before reluctantly using my return ticket to get home.

The country is incredible! There is everything to see from a bustling capital city in Colombo to beaches that peak at different times of year from the SW to the North coasts, jungle, nature, wildlife, ancient culture and artifacts… and the food is amazing! You do need to have a penchant for a some spice but it’s not blow your brains out spicy like those hot wing eating competition offerings here in London! The people are amazing and the diversity astounding for such a small country. And the people… wear the most important fashion item of all: a huge, warm, welcoming smile.