As a Pilates Teacher and Health Coach running around town seeing clients all day, I´m a sucker for comfortable shoes. You will most often find me in trainers… but that was before I discovered Morena Morena. These little flats are not only super cute but they are extremely comfy too!

I´ve been living in Monaco for over 9 years now and there´s been a lot of changes in the restaurant and shopping scene since I moved here but here are a few of my all time favorites.

Place d´Armes.

This cute square is where the fruit and vegetable market is held every morning. It´s such a pleasure to shop here as you get to buy your fruit and veg directly from the producers and most of the time they will give some tips on how to prepare them too. I love the fact that the French are so big on food and on cooking. It´s such a lovely culture to live in


This is where you will find me as soon as I have a weekend off work and that I´m not travelling. It´s by far the best beach restaurant in the region and used to be a bit of a hidden gem. Unfortunately the secret has come out and the place is now packed but the atmosphere, the service and the food remains as good as ever. My favorite dish is the ribs but there are plenty of healthier options too.


This Starck-designed restaurant sits on the border of Monaco in the port of Cap d´Ail. It´s a gorgeous space with beautiful views of the sea. If you´re lucky enough to get a space on the terrace you will feel like you´re sitting on a yacht. The food is mainly Mediterranean style but with a healthy twist. I most often go for the sea bass and the “panisses” which are a local specialty made from chickpea flour.

Finally, one of my favorite places to go is simply the beach with my puppy Nelson. He´s only discovered the joys of swimming and together

we like to go for walks along the beach on the pebbles and what could be more comfortable to wear than my Morena´s!