MORENA meets

This week we had the pleasure to meet the wonderful actress and voiceover artist, Aoibhéann McCann. Born in Co. Louth, trained in Oxford, and living in Dublin (after a stint in London); Aoibhéann is can be seen on stage in Dublin in Harder Faster More, and is the voice of Irish Masterchef: the Professionals on RTE.

How did you get started in acting?

I have acted my whole life, in some way, shape or form. I attended ‘Speech and Drama’ classes on and off throughout my childhood and though I was a shy child, the classes gave me a huge amount of joy. They also offered some discipline and a totally separate friendship group to those at school so I was hooked! I continued throughout my teens and then, whilst at university, I was a hugely active member of the Drama Society. I think uni made me consider a career in acting so I followed my gut and attended The Oxford School of Drama, graduating in 2011. The training was truly excellent and I haven’t looked back since – I love my work!

What exciting projects are you working on next?

I am working with my theatre company Red Bear Productions on a number of projects this year. Thanks to Arts Council funding we are currently developing a script, examining the phenomenon of ‘hearing voices’. We are working with actors, health professionals and artists to research and develop something that may, some day, become a fully fledged piece of theatre.

This May I play alongside Clare Monnelly and Charlene Gleeson in HARDER FASTER MORE that shows at Dublin’s Project Arts Centre (11th-13th) and the Civic Theatre, Tallaght (15th – 17th). The show is both hilarious and heartbreaking as we watch the unheard conversations of women (and men) on the porn industry, sex- workers and the sexualisation of women.It was a bit of a hit at last year’s West Cork Fit Up festival and we can’t wait to take it back to Dublin.

I also work quite often as a VO artist, voicing televisions shows such as ‘Celebrity Masterchef Ireland‘ and ‘Then Comes Marriage’ on RTE. It is so much fun to hear your own voice on the radio or television. I hope I never grow tired of it!

What are you shoe-buying habits?

Honestly, I have quite large feet (at 5ft 9″) so buying shoes can be a real pain in the proverbial. I tend to look for comfort now, more than ever, as I am on the move a lot and heels are less on the agenda than they once were. I love a good pair of quality sandels in summer and,of course, the winter boots are a must. If I like something of quality and it fits comfortably I’ll buy it.

When you’re travelling how many shoes do you take?

I try to take a few but it can be SO difficult so I do often find myself working outfits around how many pairs of shoes I can actually bring. That is truly frustrating but it can mean I am strict on packing overall. I like to take about 3 or 4 pairs.

 Which pair of Morenas did you choose and why?

I chose the black and white Greta loafers. I absolutely love the design and the finish of them. They are so sleek and stylish and probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I am consistently complimented on them and they serve in so many ways – I can move freely in them in a rehearsal room and they are also so elegant for dinner or drinks later that day. The funny thing is, my Morenas smell so so good; there’s a subtle fragrance in them. I know! It is an odd thing to say but they look, feel and smell great and I love being able to pop them into my bag, taking up less room than one shoe.

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