Meet Britains oldest Ballerina

Meet Doreen Pechey; one of our favourite people from 2016. You might remember her story. In June she became the oldest person in Britain to pass the RAD Grade 6 exam. We found that really inspiring and a perfect example of our #DoMore mantra.

The idea of doing more is really important to us – that’s why we make our shoes super-comfortable and easy to pack. So we sent Doreen some shoes to say well done and asked her what her new-found fame have been like.

What has the reaction to your story been like?

Very positive. People from all corners of the world have written to me saying how inspirational my story is. Some have said it has made them take up dancing or Pilates, or something again when they had thought they were too old!

I’m also amazed at how the story went viral – it’s been a crazy few months.

What do you love dancing?

It’s moving to great music that thrill me. I love dancing to inspiring music. If it doesn’t inspire me, my dancing becomes wooden.

Tell us about your love of shoes?

My sister and I both love shoes.

If you count slippers, and ballet shoes, and riding boots, and walking boots and wellington boots … then I think I have about 100 pairs. I even have a specially-designed shoe-wardrobe!

One of our big mantras in ‘Do More’ and we think you’re a great example.  How important do you think being active and interested is?

It’s what keeps me young! Life is not a rehearsal so you might as well make the most of it. Go For It!

Tell us about your Morenas…

I chose Lavita loafers and Ludia trainers. I was a bit concerned about getting shoes on the internet without trying them on, but these fit beautifully. The leather is so beautifully soft. I’m loving the citrus yellow, it’s not a colour I would normally think of, but they are gorgeous – I’ve got to buy some clothes or accessories to match! The younger girls in my dancing class love them too!

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