Wimbledon passed without a drop of rain. The grass has turned yellow. And the tube is full of red faces and tan lines. Yes, it’s fair to say that summer 2018 has been a bit hot.

Here are our five top tips to handle a heatwave in London.

1. Make the most of the parks

It may not feel like it but London is made of 40% public green space, including 3,000 parks and totaling 35,000 acres. Our favourites include Battersea Park, London Fields and, of course, long walks in Hampstead Heath - just don’t forget the sun cream!

2. Find the perfect watering hole

Surviving the city is thirsty work and it’s crucial to keep lubricated. So never forget to take a bottle of water on the train, and find the perfect pub for after work drinks and catch the train when the sun goes down. Our favourites include The Albion in Islington, Bar Elba in Waterloo, and Radio Rooftop Bar on the Strand.

3. Catch a movie

London is full of great cinemas. Our favourites include the Soho Curzon - fantastic coffee cold beer, delicious cakes, Soho Picturehouse - best blockbusters and must-see arthouse, and the Prince Charles for sing-alongs and cult classics.

4. Work from home

Offices can be sweaty and Bill from Accounts is a great guy but nobody really needs to see those pits. That’s why we’re big advocates of working from home. In our pyjamas.

5. Get out of the city

The best way to handle London in heatwave? Get out of London. Hit the beach in Brighton, hole up for a weekend in a country hotel (with a pool), or book a last minute holiday to somewhere where it’s supposed to be this hot!