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We’re a new shoe brand. We make loafers, ballerina pumps, trainers and sandals. We only make flat shoes because that’s what we love to wear. We love flat shoes that look great and feel amazing – and that’s exactly what we make.

But we try to go further. We don’t settle for pretty pumps we only make flats that are as stylish and well made as anything else you have in your shoe wardrobe.

The same goes for comfort. Our customers never stop talking about how soft, light and comfortable their Morenas are, and that makes us very happy.

Every pair is handmade from the softest Portuguese leather and packaged and presented in a way that makes getting a new pair of shoes a nice thing, because, let’s face it, opening up a beautiful box to find a pair of handmade shoes is one of life’s little pleasures.

Oh yes, each pair folds, too. So you can fit them in your handbag, yoga bag or hand luggage. We think our shoes allow you to do more. To always feel comfortable and confident.

To want to be in your shoes.

We're new shoe brand