How Morena Morena have given my Feet Freedom

My ageing feet have started to rebel on days out. I have found it increasingly difficult to find shoes that will not leave my feet feeling crippled after a days retail therapy or a great day out with friends and family. I would pick a pair of shoes that I thought would not rub, blister, cause by corns to catch fire but by midday on a day out I was feeling like I was on the rack, and my feet were on fire. Its hard to have fun when your feet hurt!

So I was thrilled when I discovered Morena Morena. Their amazing shoes designed by Co-founder and Head Designer Noemy Do-Carmo who needed to seek solace from stylish shoes that hurt her and to ease the complexities of a fast urban life style and global travel. I had found an angel of footcare in her designs. Naomy, fellow sufferer has designed the most amazing shoes to keep your feet supple, corn sustainable, bunion happy and blister free on days out. This is my personal experience not a claim of the brand itself. Naomy has put a lot of care into designing shoes for people like myself and they work.

I tested out the product at Hampton Court Flower show where I went with a friend who took a break mid-morning to rest her feet whilst I trudged for the third time up and down the floral marquee In search of that unusual plant. I made three trips to and from the car during the show to carry out plants and my feet carried me to and fro in painless pleasure and surging heat. What was the secret of this success? It is the Morena Morena shoe itself and the way it is designed, it has certain design features which make my feet very happy. Put all these features together with a sensational sense for fashion and design by Naomy, and you have a shoe you can wear for health reasons and fashion reasons that cause your vanity to surge whilst your feet walk as though on water, in short heavenly shoes.

Having tried items from the fashion and sports range for various occasions I can thoroughly recommend going overboard and buying yourself and your feet a treat. They and you will not regret it!

Best wishes from

Anna & My Feet